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Slovenian Premium Wines – About Us

The Passion

With Slovenia’s independence in 1991, and with it a new market economy, private winemakers were able to flourish for the first time. Their efforts, though on a small scale, focused on producing wines to the highest standards. Drawing on the centuries-old tradition of winemaking in the region, these passionate and skilled vintners were inspired by their new-found freedom to carve out a niche for Slovenian wines of the highest quality.

The Project

Ten years later, Slovenian Premium Wines was formed with the intention of bringing the best of these wines to America. Beginning with success at the San Francisco Wine Competition that year, Slovenian wines continue to be recognized by their acceptance in some of America’s best restaurants and hotels, and in competition worldwide.

The Mission

2011 marks the twentieth anniversary of Slovenian independence, and the tenth anniversary of the formation of Slovenian Premium Wines. Slovenia’s winemakers have learned a great deal about producing quality wine in that time, and our mission continues to be bringing the fruits of their labor to the American market, to show what Slovenia has to offer.

We take this opportunity to thank all whom we have touched, to all who have tasted and appreciated our wines and to all who support our enthusiasm and endeavors throughout. It is your responses that give us the energy to pursue our never-ending mission.

Thank you!
Ann & Emil Gaspari