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Worth its Salt: The Slovenian town where sodium chloride is more than a condiment, By DAVID J CONSTABLE  :  I’m not obese. Neither do I have high blood pressure. As far as I’m aware, none of my internal organs have shrivelled or become swollen like an over-ripe pear (I’m sure I’d know about it if they had). So I’ve never really had to think about salt.  Read more



Sea Salt is made through natural crystallisation in salt basins. Unrefined Sea Salt is made through natural crystallisation of salt in salt basins. It may contain visible admixtures of natural origin as a result of crystallisation and manual scraping of salt in salt basins.

Salt Flower is made on the surface of brine from salt crystals, which form the characteristic pyramidal structure in the shape of a thin, fragile crust. It is slightly pink. With its taste and fragrance, the salt flower complements the pleasure of good food.

Other Types of Salt are: Evaporated salt; Produced through the evaporation of salt water in industrial crystallisers.

Mineral Salt is made through the processing of salt ore dug in mines.

Refined Salt is purified of all admixtures and impureness.

Chocolate with Fleur de sel


KOCBEK – Pumpkin Seed Products

Specialty Chocolate, Sunflower Seed Oil

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Trusting your fishmonger and buying the freshest seafood is imperative for crudo recipes. Tell them you are preparing raw fish. Thy can also cut and huck the seafood for you. Here are the olive oils that David uses for these recipes.

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