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Sept 2020 I Feel Slovenia : My Way of Tasting Slovenia
Sept 2020 I Feel Slovenia : Michelin-Awarded Restaurants
Aug 2020 I Feel Slovenia : Art, Literature & Music
Aug 2020 I Feel Slovenia : From The Heart-Shaped Vineyards to the World’s Oldest Vine
Aug 2020 I Feel Slovenia : The Trip You Need Right Now
Aug 2020 I Feel Slovenia : A Green Star of the Gastronomy World
July 2020 I Feel Slovenia : Adventure is Worthwhile (video)
June 2020 I Feel Slovenia : A New Star in the Michelin Guide Constellation
June 2020 I Feel Slovenia : NEW Taste Slovenia Portal
June 2020 I Feel Slovenia : Food Summit to take place in November
June 2020 I Love Slovenia : Slovenia Green : The Story of Green Slovenia
Feb 2020

National Geographic : Slovenia in #5 Spot on The Cool List : Celebrating Reasons To Travel

Feb 2020

I Feel Slovenia : On The Path To Becoming a Top Culinary Destination

Jan 2020

I Feel Slovenia : Get Your Tastebuds Ready

Jan 2020

I Feel Slovenia : My Way of Enjoying Winter

Dec 2019

Video : The Story of Green Slovenia

Dec 2019

I Feel Slovenia: My Way of Enjoying Winter

Dec 2019

How An Unsung Wine Nation Opened Doors at New York Hot Spot

Nov 2019

I Feel Slovenia : Slovenia is soon to be covered by the renowned Michelin Guide collection

Nov 2019

I Feel Slovenia : Ana Roš Awarded the title of UNWTO Ambassador for Gastronomy Tourism

Oct 2019

The Washington Post : Don’t Go For The Obvious Attractions in Slovenia

Oct 2019

I Feel Slovenia : Stories and Wine

Sept 2019

Slovenian Tourist Board 2-month Promotional Campaign on BBC

Sept 2019

I Feel Slovenia The Most Beautiful Vineyard Trails

July 2019

I Feel Slovenia    My Way of Taking Time Off Video

June 2019

I Feel Slovenia    Slovenia Incoming Workshop 2019 Video

May 2019

I Feel Slovenia    Hike & Bike in Slovenia

March 2019 I Feel Slovenia : A Journey to a World of Mediterranean Experiences (VIDEO)
March 2019 I Feel Slovenia : Upcoming Events
Oct 2018 I Feel Slovenia : Welcome to Ptuj! (VIDEO)
Oct 2018 I Feel Slovenia : It’s Harvest Time in Slovenia
Oct 2018 I Feel Slovenia : Wine Holidays and Festivals in Slovenia
Oct 2018 I Feel Slovenia : Rebula Wine (VIDEO)
Sept 2018 I Feel Slovenia : Slovenia’s Best Wine Stories and Experiences
Sept 2018 Hudson Valley 360 : Mountaintop Wine Bar Ranks High Online
Sept 2018 I Feel Slovenia : Cycling Among Vineyards
Sept 2018 30 Best Bars in Upstate NY for 2018
Sept 2018 Hudson Valley Wine Bars Named Best In n Upstate NY
Aug 2018 I Feel Slovenia
April 2018 I Feel Slovenia : Spring Awakening
Mar 2018 I Feel Slovenia
Mar 2018 I Feel Slovenia : Experience Easter
Jan 2018 Winery Week: Boštjan Zidar (Vinakoper)
Jan 2018 Total Slovenia News : Slovenian Wines Wisconsin – Opening New Markets for Slovenian Wines
Nov 2017 Eat The World : NYC
Nov 2017 Raw Wine : November News
Aug 2017 I Feel Slovenia : Media Centre
April 2017 Slovenian Tourist Board on Linkedin
April 2017 I Feel Slovenia News
Feb 2017 Vinakoper News
Jan 2017 I Feel Slovenia : Media Centre
Jan 2017 The Georgetown Dish : Melania’s Homeland Rules at a Trump-Era Inaugural Party
Sept 2016 I Feel Slovenia : Autumn Stories from Slovenia
Aug 2016 I Feel Slovenia : Unique Adventures in Green Slovenia
Aug 2016 I Feel Slovenia : Feel The Summer in Slovenia
May 2016 Ljubljana : European Green City
05.25.2016 I Feel Slovenia : Follow the Rainbow to Slovenia
05.13.2016 I Feel Slovenia : Green Hiking in Slovenia
05.03.2016 I Feel Slovenia : Global Green Destination Day
04.21.2016 I Feel Slovenia: Spring. Green. Active. Healthy
04.07.2016 Read Slovenia 20-page Magazine
04.04.2016 I Feel Slovenia : April News from Slovenia
03.21.2016 I Feel Slovenia : More March News from Slovenia
03.08.2016 I Feel Slovenia : March News from Slovenia
02.24.2016 I Feel Slovenia : More February News from Slovenia
02.24.2016 I Feel Slovenia : February Stories from Slovenia
02.05.2016 I Feel Slovenia : February News from Slovenia
02.05.2016 I Feel Slovenia : January Stories from Slovenia
12.22.2015 I Feel Slovenia : Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 from Slovenia
12.20.2015 I Feel Slovenia : December Stories from Slovenia
10.29.2015 Journal Sentinal : Slovenian Wines Commanding Attention in Milwaukee Area
10.16.2015 Saveur Magazine : How to Eat Slovenian : The Land of Roast Goose & Dumplings
10.01.2015 I Feel Slovenia : October Stories from Slovenia
10.01.2015 I Feel Slovenia : October 2015 Newsletter
09.11.2015 I Feel Slovenia : September 2015 Newsletter
09.03.2015 DNEVNIK : Santomas Wines
08.08.2015 I Feel Slovenia : August 2015 Newsletter
07.29.2015 The Daily Sip : Emerging Wine Regions : Slovenia
07.28.2015 Paolo Basso, najboljši sommelier na svetu: Rad imam vina, ki so enološko perfektna in preprosta
07.28.2015 Svetovni sommelierski prvak na Zemonu
07.01.2015 I Feel Slovenia : July 2015 Newsletter
05.02.2015 Amateur Somm Blogpost
02.22.2015 Jackson Citizen Patriot : The Jewel of Undiscovered Slovenia
01.25.2015 Fine Dining Lovers : Food Travel Trends for 2015 – 8 Destinations to Visit
12.23.2014 The Huffington Post : This Christmas Give Love with a Gift from Slovenia
07.09.2014 DNEVNIK – Slovenia July 9, 2014 – BATIC wines  Read More
06.25.2014 BBC Good Food – June 2014 Issue
06.18.2014 The NY Times : With Wind Calm, Serenity in Slovenia  Read More
01.06.2014 BELOVED – Ljubljana Promotional Video  Watch Video
01.31.2013 New York Times : Dining & Wine Section : From Slovenia’s Ancient Hills Read More
01.14.2013 I Love Slovenia Watch Video
11.15.2012 The New York Times : 36 Hours in Ljubljana, Slovenia Read More
11.09.2012 Slovenian Newsletter: Slovenian Wine Regions
08.23.2012 The New York Times : Eurofile – Loving Ljubljana  Read More
08.15.2012 The Sweet Spot :  What if you could snow-peaked mountains, sun-splashed beaches, evergreen forests, and rolling vineyards; all in a country half the size of Switzerland?  Cristina Nehring unveils “The Hidden Paradise of Slovenia”  Read More  | See Photos
08.10.12 Slovenia in Unique Wine Diversity, Boasts High Quality Wines
07.2012 Wine and Beer : Santomas Wine  Read More
06.26.2012 Article : Falling in love (again) with Slovenia, a land of bears, bees, brides and bountiful nature, Mail Online

Slovenia, Europe’s Hidden Gem by Bon Appetit

The most eye-opening culinary vacation is not in Spain, Italy, or France. You’ll find Europe’s hidden gem tucked above the Adriatic Sea  Read More

03.23.2012 Slovenian wines in Japan through Yukio & Keiko Mori  Read More (in Japanese) Warning: Large File – This file may take several minutes to open based on your connection speed.
03.02.2012 CBS Radio – Bob Lape on Chef Peter Kelly Listen to Podcast
12.31.2011 SLOVENSKE NOVICE – Wine exported from Slovenia.
09.2011 Miha Batič, Batič winery, Vipava Valley, Slovenia by Andreja / Carpe Diem Club
08.07.2011 New York Times : Travel Section : Slovenian Rhapsody, by Seth Sherwood
08.2011 The Morning Claret Fine Wine Reviewed & Decoded, Slovenia-les-Beaune? by Simon Woolf

Wine & Spirits Magazine – Imported new releases:

Year’s Best:  Kocijancic-Zanut Sauvignon Blanc 2008 (91)

Year’s Best: Guerila – Zelen 2008 (90)

On website: Batic – Rebula 2009 (88), Merlot 2008 (88)

Vinakoper – Capo D’Istria Cab. Sauvignon 2005 (84)

08.2011 Wine Enthusiast Magazine – America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants of 2011 Las Vegas, NV – Aureole Destinationa Wine: BATIC – Zaria, by Wine Enthusiast Editors
04.2011 Sommelier Journal – Slovenian Dry Whites by David Furer, CWE
11.26.2010 Slovenia: Quickest Out of the Bloc by Neil Martin
09.01.2010 The Best Wine Country You’ve Never Heard Of Details Magazine
01.23.2010 Slovenian Wines Spark a Budding Trend, by Vintelligence
09.13.2009 Interview with Peter Xaviar Kelly, Vercerni Gost
07.2009 Newsletter by David Furer
06.2008 National Geographic Article on Slovenia
05.30.2008 The Chronicle Wine Selections: Muscat
01.30.2008 From Slovenia?  Wild, Wild Wines, LA Times
01.03.2008 Slovenian Wines to Watch, LA Times
02.2005 A Star in the East by David Furer, Wine International
Wine Routes of Slovenia