Thank you for your interest in Slovenian Premium Wines, the exciting new line of high quality wines from Slovenia, a country that is one of the best-kept secrets in Europe. Discover each of Slovenia's unique wine regions.

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Thank you for your interest in Slovenian Premium Wines, the exciting new line of high quality wines from Slovenia, a country that is one of the best-kept secrets in Europe.

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Events & Press Coverage

Sept 2020 I Feel Slovenia : Michelin-Awarded Restaurants
Aug 2020 I Feel Slovenia : Art, Literature & Music
Aug 2020 I Feel Slovenia : From The Heart-Shaped Vineyards to the World’s Oldest Vine
Aug 2020 I Feel Slovenia : The Trip You Need Right Now
Aug 2020 I Feel Slovenia : A Green Star of the Gastronomy World
June 2020 I Feel Slovenia : A New Star in the Michelin Guide Constellation
June 2020 I Feel Slovenia : NEW Taste Slovenia Portal
June 2020 I Feel Slovenia : Food Summit to take place in November
June 2020 I Love Slovenia : Slovenia Green : The Story of Green Slovenia
March 2020 I Feel Slovenia :  Texas Feels Slovenia
Feb 2020 I Feel Slovenia : SLOVENIA –The Only Country in the World with Love in its Name: When Texas feels Slovenia on a basketball court…
Feb 20 2020 Slovenian Incoming Workshop May 14-16 2020 Registration Information
Feb 2020

National Geographic : Slovenia in #5 Spot on The Cool List : Celebrating Reasons To Travel

Feb 2020

I Feel Slovenia : On The Path To Becoming a Top Culinary Destination

Feb 16 2020 Join It Was A Good Year, Inc. and Farmers & Chefs for a Slovenian Wine Dinner 2:00 PM at Farmers & Chefs, 40 Albany Street, Poughkeepsie, NY  More Info
 Jan 24 2020 Grand Opening All Seasons Wines & Spirits 12:15pm 3333 Crompond Road Staples Plaza  Yorktown Heights NY 10508
Jan 2020

I Feel Slovenia : Get Your Tastebuds Ready

Jan 2020

I Feel Slovenia : My Way of Enjoying Winter

Dec 14 2019 All Season Wine & Spirits – Yorktown Heights, NY – Wine tasting
Dec 2019

Video : The Story of Green Slovenia

Dec 2019

I Feel Slovenia: My Way of Enjoying Winter

Dec 2019

How An Unsung Wine Nation Opened Doors at New York Hot Spot

Nov 27 2019 Zuppa North, Hawthorne, NY – Wine Tasting
Nov 25 2019 Terrapin, Rheinbeck, NY – Wine Tasting
Nov 19 2019 Farmers & Chefs, Poughkeepsie, NY – Wine Tasting
Nov 16 2019 VISCOUNT WINES, Wappinger Falls, NY – Wine Tasting
Nov 11 2019 BDNY + Restaurant Show, NYC
Nov 10 2019 St. Martin’s Feast: The Slovenian Harvest Festival / Thanksgiving by Slovenian Church of St. Cyril in New York
Nov 7 2019 Farmers & Chefs, Poughkeepsie, NY – Wine Tasting
Oct 26 2019 10/26/19 – Sterling Cellars, Mahopac, NY – Wine Tasting
Nov 2019

I Feel Slovenia : Slovenia is soon to be covered by the renowned Michelin Guide collection

Nov 2019

I Feel Slovenia : Ana Roš Awarded the title of UNWTO Ambassador for Gastronomy Tourism

Nov 10 2019 St. Martin’s Feast: The Slovenian Harvest Festival / Thanksgiving by Slovenian Church of St. Cyril in New York
Oct 21 2019

Meet The Slovenian Winemaker at The Winery at St. George, Mohegan Lake, NY More Info

Oct 2019

The Washington Post : Don’t Go For The Obvious Attractions in Slovenia

Oct 2019

I Feel Slovenia : Stories and Wine

Sept 2019

Slovenian Tourist Board 2-month Promotional Campaign on BBC

Sept 2019

I Feel Slovenia The Most Beautiful Vineyard Trails

Sept. 2019

I Feel Slovenia : My Way of Hanging Out in the Vineyards (Video)


Viscount Wines – Wine Tasting


Sterling Cellars – Wine Tasting


Congers Wines – Wine Tasting

07.31.2019 – 08.01.2019

Slovenia Winemaker’s Tastings: TILIA + BATIC + VINAKOPER


Viscount Wines, Wappinger Falls, NY – Wine Tasting

July 2019

I Feel Slovenia    My Way of Taking Time Off Video


U.N. – Slovenian Wine Event


Bluebird London NYC – Wine Tasting


Artisan Wine Shop, Beacon NY – Wine Tasting


Restaurant X, Congers NY – Wine tasting


Casellula, NYC – Wine Tasting

06.03.2019 – 06.04.2019

Slovenia Winemaker’s Tastings with WI group: VINAKOPER, TILIA & BATIC

June 2019

I Feel Slovenia    Slovenia Incoming Workshop 2019 Video

May 2019

I Feel Slovenia   Hike & Bike in Slovenia


Cast & Cru Restaurant Wine Dinner, 7:00pm  More Info

View Menu


Swirl Wine Club : Slovenia Wine Tasting Event 6-8pm More Info


Lipica Horse Show

05.13.2019- 05.14.2019

USA Trade Testing Event


The Guardian : Meadow Larks: Orchids & Alpine Views in Slovenia


La Nuit en Rose – 12-4pm Hornblower Infinity Yacht, Pier 40, NYC Register Here


Hutong, NYC – Wine Tasting

May 2019

I Feel Slovenia : My Way of City Break


Children of Bellevue : Toast to the Children 2019

More Information


I Feel Slovenia : My Way of Springtime Wandering


Wine on Wheels – Grand Tasting and Silent Auction

See Wine List


Yannick Benjamin’s Story   Watch Video

04.26.2019 Ratas Wholesale Distribution, Waterford Wine Company
March 2019 I Feel Slovenia : A Journey to a World of Mediterranean Experiences (VIDEO)
March 2019 I Feel Slovenia : Upcoming Events

Sterling Cellars – Wine Tasting


Ray’s Wine & Spirit – Indigenous grapes of Slovenia – Crnko, Batic and Vinakoper


Unicorkt – Slovenian Wines 101 Tasting Class


Groppi Market – Crnko & Batic Wine Tasting


Viscount Wines – Wine Tasting See Pictures


Hudson Yards – Opening


Hudson Yards – Queensyard Launch Party


Spring City Wine House – an evening of Refosk Wines


Queensyard – Family & Friends


Congers Wine & Spirits – Wine Tasting


The Peninsula Hotel – Meeting and Wine Tasting


VINEXPO, NY – Meeting and Wine Tasting


Artisan Wine, Beacon – Wine Tasting


ESCA, NYC – Wine Tasting


FEDORA, NYC – Wine Tasting


ESCA, NYC – Wine Tasting

Oct 2018 I Feel Slovenia : Welcome to Ptuj! (VIDEO)
Oct 2018 I Feel Slovenia : It’s Harvest Time in Slovenia
Oct 2018 I Feel Slovenia : Wine Holidays and Festivals in Slovenia
Oct 2018 I Feel Slovenia : Rebula Wine (VIDEO)
Sept 2018 I Feel Slovenia : Slovenia’s Best Wine Stories and Experiences
Sept 2018 I Feel Slovenia : Cycling Among Vineyards
Sept 2018 Hudson Valley 360 : Mountaintop Wine Bar Ranks High Online
Sept 2018

Bluebird London Arrives in NYC

Sept 2018 30 Best Bars in Upstate NY for 2018
Sept 2018 Hudson Valley Wine Bars Named Best In n Upstate NY

Ze Windham Wine Bar – Wine Tasting


Sterling Cellars – Wine Tasting


Grape D’Vine – Wine Tasting


Bluebird-London + Sam’s Place – Wine Tasting


Ze Windham Wine Bar – Wine Tasting


Viscount Wines + Congers Wine & Spirit – Wine Tasting

07.14 & 07.25.2018

The Cookery – Wine Tasting


UnCorked Summer Wine Festival, West Allis Farmers Market  View More Info


Hudson Anchor Seafood & Grill – Wine Tasting


Flames Steakhouse, Elmsford – Wine Tasting


Tasting at Cornwall Wines, Cornwall NY


Tasting at Congers Wines, Congers NY


Tasting at Craft Hospitality Group, NY

05.21.2018- 05.22.2018

Slovenia Trade Delegation, NY


La Nuit En Rose – Trade Media event, NY

05.15.2018- 05.16.2018

Alcohol Beverage Importers & Distributors Conference


Wine presentation Wisconsin Cheesehead Factory at Walker’s Point
by Corvina


Tasting at Sam’s Place, NY


Tasting at Resturant X, Congers, NY


Tasting at Roger Smith Hotel, NY

05.02.2018- 05.04.2018

Wines presentation at HD-Expo 2018, Las Vegas, NV


Tasting at Viscount Wines, Wappingers Falls, NY


Tasting at Cornwall Wines, Cornwall, NY


Wine for Wheels – Charity Event – View Video


Toast to the Children of Bellevue – Charity Event


Tasting at Viscount Wines, Wappinger Falls, NY


Tasting at Congers Wine & Spirits, Congers NY


Tasting at Lowery Liquor, NYC


Tasting at The Peninsula Hotel

See Details of More Past Events on our Events Page

From the foothills of the Alps to the coast of the Adriatic, Slovenia offers some of the finest and least known wines in the world. These wines have already stunned many well-traveled wine writers with their exceptional quality and virtually unknown status in the American wine community. It is our aim to introduce these fine wines to America.

We at Tri-Wines, Inc. have endeavored to offer a comprehensive yet very selective catalogue of Slovenian wines. Our line offers wines that will complement any menu and will make even the most knowledgeable customers stop and take notice. We will do our very best to provide you with a selection of wines to suit your clientele. It is our sincere hope that you will find these wines as extraordinary as we do – we know your customers will – and that you will join us in helping to acquaint America with Slovenian Premium Wines.

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Why haven’t I heard about Slovenian wine before?

Well, it’s pretty simple really. Slovenia is a very small country with only two million people. Compared to most wine-exporting nations, they just don’t produce much. And what they do produce, they drink – Slovenia has the fifth highest wine consumption per capita in the world. In fact, we had to convince many of the smaller producers to export at all – they have been able to sell all of their wines domestically, with some vintages in extremely high demand.

Many Slovenians have been quite enthusiastic about our efforts to introduce Slovenian premium-quality wines to America, but after expressing this thought have quickly followed with a question: You’re not going to take too much, are you? So the short answer is simply that they’ve been keeping these fine wines for themselves – until now.

Does Slovenia have a tradition of winemaking?

Absolutely. Slovenia is home to the oldest continuously producing vine in Europe – it is over four hundred years old. Under the various governments that controlled Slovenia over the years, winemaking continued. Certainly, with the influence of winemaking cultures like the Austrians and the French, it is no surprise that Slovenian vineyards have been producing high quality wines for many, many years.

This tradition has been carried on by a new generation of private winemakers that have grown with the new freedom afforded for individual enterprise under the democratic government. These wineries have drawn on the history of Slovenian winemaking and agriculture, and the methods and technology that have been developed in the great wine producing regions of the world to create their own unique styles that rival the best wines found anywhere – some wineries have won well over one hundred medals in international competition.

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