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Oct 2021 Ruffian Wine Bar Tasting
Sept 2021 Fall Wine Tasting at Sterling Cellars in Mahopac, NY
March 2020 I Feel Slovenia :  Texas Feels Slovenia
Feb 2020 I Feel Slovenia : SLOVENIA –The Only Country in the World with Love in its Name: When Texas feels Slovenia on a basketball court…
Feb 20 2020 Slovenian Incoming Workshop May 14-16 2020 Registration Information
Feb 16 2020 Join It Was A Good Year, Inc. and Farmers & Chefs for a Slovenian Wine Dinner 2:00 PM at Farmers & Chefs, 40 Albany Street, Poughkeepsie, NY  More Info
 Jan 24 2020 Grand Opening All Seasons Wines & Spirits 12:15pm 3333 Crompond Road Staples Plaza  Yorktown Heights NY 10508
Dec 14 2019 All Season Wine & Spirits – Yorktown Heights, NY – Wine tasting
Nov 27 2019 Zuppa North, Hawthorne, NY – Wine Tasting
Nov 25 2019 Terrapin, Rheinbeck, NY – Wine Tasting
Nov 19 2019 Farmers & Chefs, Poughkeepsie, NY – Wine Tasting
Nov 16 2019 VISCOUNT WINES, Wappinger Falls, NY – Wine Tasting
Nov 11 2019 BDNY + Restaurant Show, NYC
Nov 10 2019 St. Martin’s Feast: The Slovenian Harvest Festival / Thanksgiving by Slovenian Church of St. Cyril in New York
Nov 7 2019 Farmers & Chefs, Poughkeepsie, NY – Wine Tasting
Oct 26 2019 10/26/19 – Sterling Cellars, Mahopac, NY – Wine Tasting
Oct 21 2019

Meet The Slovenian Winemaker at The Winery at St. George, Mohegan Lake, NY More Info

Sept 2019

I Feel Slovenia : My Way of Hanging Out in the Vineyards (Video)


Viscount Wines – Wine Tasting


Sterling Cellars – Wine Tasting


Congers Wines – Wine Tasting

07.31.2019 – 08.01.2019

Slovenia Winemaker’s Tastings: TILIA + BATIC + VINAKOPER


Viscount Wines, Wappinger Falls, NY – Wine Tasting

July 2019

I Feel Slovenia    My Way of Taking Time Off Video


U.N. – Slovenian Wine Event


Bluebird London NYC – Wine Tasting


Artisan Wine Shop, Beacon NY – Wine Tasting


Restaurant X, Congers NY – Wine tasting


Casellula, NYC – Wine Tasting

06.03.2019 – 06.04.2019

Slovenia Winemaker’s Tastings with WI group: VINAKOPER, TILIA & BATIC


Cast & Cru Restaurant Wine Dinner, 7:00pm  More Info View Menu


Swirl Wine Club : Slovenia Wine Tasting Event 6-8pm More Info


Lipica Horse Show

05.13.2019- 05.14.2019

USA Trade Testing Event


La Nuit en Rose – 12-4pm Hornblower Infinity Yacht, Pier 40, NYC Register Here


Hutong, NYC – Wine Tasting

May 2019

I Feel Slovenia : My Way of City Break


Children of Bellevue : Toast to the Children 2019

More Information


I Feel Slovenia: My Way of Springtime Wandering


Sterling Cellars – Wine Tasting


Yannick Benjamin’s Story   Watch Video


Wine on Wheels – Grand Tasting and Silent Auction

See Wine List Thank You


Ratas Wholesale Distribution, Waterford Wine Company


Ray’s Wine & Spirit – Indigenous grapes of Slovenia – Crnko, Batic and Vinakoper


Unicorkt – Slovenian Wines 101 Tasting Class


Groppi Market – Crnko & Batic Wine Tasting


Viscount Wines – Wine Tasting  See Pictures


Hudson Yards – Opening


Hudson Yards – Queensyard Launch Party


Spring City Wine House – an evening of Refosk Wines


Queensyard – Family & Friends


Congers Wine & Spirits – Wine Tasting


The Peninsula Hotel – Meeting and Wine Tasting


VINEXPO, NY – Meeting and Wine Tasting


Artisan Wine, Beacon – Wine Tasting


ESCA, NYC – Wine Tasting


FEDORA, NYC – Wine Tasting


ESCA, NYC – Wine Tasting

Sept 2018

Bluebird London Arrives in NYC


Ze Windham Wine Bar – Wine Tasting


Sterling Cellars – Wine Tasting


Grape D’Vine – Wine Tasting


Bluebird-London + Sam’s Place – Wine Tasting


Ze Windham Wine Bar – Wine Tasting


Viscount Wines + Congers Wine & Spirit – Wine Tasting

07.14 & 07.25.2018

The Cookery – Wine Tasting


UnCorked Summer Wine Festival, West Allis Farmers Market  View More Info


Hudson Anchor Seafood & Grill – Wine Tasting


Flames Steakhouse, Elmsford – Wine Tasting


Tasting at Cornwall Wines, Cornwall NY


Tasting at Congers Wines, Congers NY


Tasting at Craft Hospitality Group, NY

05.21.2018- 05.22.2018

Slovenia Trade Delegation, NY


La Nuit En Rose – Trade Media event, NY

05.15.2018- 05.16.2018

Alcohol Beverage Importers & Distributors Conference


Wine presentation Wisconsin Cheesehead Factory at Walker’s Point
by Corvina


Tasting at Sam’s Place, NY


Tasting at Resturant X, Congers, NY


Tasting at Roger Smith Hotel, NY

05.02.2018- 05.04.2018

Wines presentation at HD-Expo 2018, Las Vegas, NV


Tasting at Viscount Wines, Wappingers Falls, NY


Tasting at Cornwall Wines, Cornwall, NY


Wine for Wheels – Charity Event – View Video


Toast to the Children of Bellevue – Charity Event


Tasting at Viscount Wines, Wappinger Falls, NY


Tasting at Congers Wine & Spirits, Congers NY


Tasting at Lowery Liquor, NYC


Tasting at The Peninsula Hotel


Spring Wine Tasting at Sterling Cellars, Mahopac, NY


Milwaukee, WI, VINAKOPER – Wine presentation & Tastings:

Ratas Wholesale, Spring City, Vino Third Ward, Corvina, Discount Liquor, Thief Wine, Goodkind Restaurant, Rays Wine & Spirits, Mistral Wine Dinner


Grape D’Vine Wine Tasting Event 5-8pm  Read More Details


Flowercup Wine – Putnam Valley, NY – Wine Tasting

Sam’s Place, NYC – Wine Tasting


The Wine Company – St. Paul, MN – Wine Tasting


4:00pm-6:30pm – Public Memorial to celebrate the life of Jean-Luc. There will be much reminiscing, a live band, and of course, toasts in his honor. As we will all be attending the memorial, Le Du’s will be closed on the day. Click here to view flyer with additional information regarding the event. We hope to see you there

12.20.2017 Slovenia initiative “The World of Bees” – Exhibition and reception at the United Nations Headquarters with H.E. Mr. Dejan Zidan – Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia
12.08.2017 Handel Architects, NYC – Corporate Holiday Tasting
12.02.2017 Sterling Cellars – Mahopac, NY – Holiday Tasting
11.22.2017 TANNAT Wine & Cheese – Tasting
11.16.2017 Ratas Wholesale, WI – Distribution tasting
11.07.2017 thru 11.10.2017 NYC – Tasting Events, Ambassador Wines, X2O Restaurant, Riverpark, RS Hotel
11/06/2017 RAW Wine Event in NYC – Brooklyn
08.03.2017 Wine Tasting Class at 7:00pm : The Winery at St. George, Mohegan Lake, NY 10547
07.15.2017 Viscount Wines & Liquor, Wappingers Falls, NY Slovenian Wine Tasting Event 12:00 – 4:00pm
07.13.2017 Clement Restaurant & Bar – Lesser Known Regions: Slovenia
06.20.2017 I Feel Slovenian Event – Wayfarer Hotel, NYC 5:30pm – 8:30pm
06.05.2017 thru 06.07.2017 Visit Slovenia with Bill Murray & Chef Peter Kelly – focus on “Slovenia Vodka” brand. Visiting Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Sevnica (Melania Trump’s hometown) and Lipica. Watch Additional Video
06.06.2017 Westchester Magazine’s Wine and Food Festival June 6-11
05.13.2017 EU Open House at Slovenian Embassy in Washington D.C.
05.08.2017 Peninsula Hotel – Clement Restaurant – The New York Center for Children – Charity Event
04.29.2017 Wine on Wheels Charity Event, NYC 1:00pm   Buy Tickets
04.29.2017 Thief Wine’s Spring Grand Tasting April 29
04.25.2017 Toast to the Children of Bellevue – Charitable Event Tasting  More Information
04.12.2017 thru 04.14.2017 Wine Gourmet Japan – Tokyo – Vinakoper Wine – View Presentation
03.25.2017 Viscount Wines – Wappinger Falls, NY – Wine Tasting
03.24.2017 Esca, New York City – Wine Tasting
03.23.2017 Grape D’Vine & X2O Xaviars – Wine Tasting
03.18.2017 Riverside Choral Society – Charitable Event Participation
03.13.2017 thru 03.16.2017 Seatrade Cruise Global – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Wine Presentation & Tasting  View Picture
03.10.2017 Ginny’s Wine & Liquor – Jefferson Valley, NY – Wine Tasting
Feb 2017 Feb 8-11 2017 : Felice Lesser Dance Theater
01.25.2017 Grape D’Vine – Sparkill, NY
01.17.2017 Inaugural Gala Event
11.23.2016 Ambassador Wines – Thanksgiving Tasting
11.18.2016 Slovenian National Home – Indianapolis Wine Tasting
11.13.2016- 11.15.2016 BDNY – Restaurant Show
11.03.2016-11.06.2016 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show – Wine  Tasting
11.01.2016 The Cookery
10.29.2016 Viscount Wines
10.21.2016 Esca NYC
10.20.2016 Grape D’Vine, X2O Yonkers, Slovenia Taste Event NYC
10.20.2016 Grape D’Vine & Slovenia, Intercontinental New York Barclay Hotel, New York City  View Invitation
10.19.2016 Wine Tasting – Sterling Cellars, Ginny’s Wines & Liquor, Viscount Wines
10.18.2016 Ledu’s Wines, Slovenian UN Mission, Peninsula Hotel
10.18.2016 Wine Dinner – Waldorf Astoria, New York City  View Menu
10.18.2016 Tasting – Le Du’s Wines, Peninsula, New York City
10.14.2016 Tasting – Ginny’s Wine
10.04.2016  Tasting – ESCA – New York City
06.10.2016 Westchester Wine & Food Event : 06-10-2016
06.08.2016 Riesling Without Borders, a grand Riesling Tasting Party on Wednesday, June 8th from 6-9pm at the Internationally renowned Galleria Ca’ d’Oro, 529 West 20th Street 9th Floor, New York, NY Buy Tickets

April – June


Wine tasting events April/May/June 2016:
Viscount Wines, Sterling Cellars, Ginny’s Wines, Grape D’Vines, NYAC, Wine & Spirits, Esca, The Peninsula, Ambassador Wines, Riverpark, The Cookery, Zuppa
12.05.2015 STERLING CELLARS HOLIDAY TASTING in MAHOPAC, NY December 5, 2015 from 1 – 5 p.m.
11.16.2015 Orange Wine Festival More Details
11.14.2015 Dylan’s Wine Cellar’s 5th Annual Grand Tasting Event 1:00-4:00pm. Cost $20pp to benefit CHOP ( Caring for The Homeless of Peekskill). More Details
09.18.2015 Friend of Slovenian National Home Annual Wine tasting from 7 – 10 p.m., Cleveland, OH
09.13.2015 TRIGLAV – Annual Fall Wine harvest and Tasting Milwaukee, WI
09.12.2015 Friends of the Slovenian National Home at Sterling Cellars, Fall Wine Tasting from 1:00pm-5:00pm
08.22.2015 Slovenia Returns to the Hudson Valley
05.16.2015 Slovenia in the Hudson Valley
04.22.2015 Toast to the Children More Info
05.02.2015 Wine and Wheels Fundraiser. EPIC wine tasting, TOP sommeliers, and INCREDIBLE silent auction!  Buy Tickets
03.21.2015 Sterling Cellars, 179 Route 6, Mahopac, NY — Slovenian Wines Tasting March 21st – 1 – 5pm  Read More
03.07.2015 Vinakoper Estate USA visit – LeDu’s Wines  Read More
03.06.2015 Vinakoper Estate USA visit – Regency Bar & Grill  Read More
03.05.2015 Vinakoper Estate USA visit – The Grape D’Vine Read More
03.04.2015 Vinakoper Estate USA Visit – Xaviar’s on the Hudson Read More
07.23.2014 Westchester Magazine’s BEST of Westchester Party!  Read More
06.28.2014 Le Du’s Wines : Slovenian Wines and Vodkas! 3:30pm-7:00pm
06.07.2014 Wine on Wheels 1-4pm City Winery, 155 Varick St, NY, NY 10013  Read More
06.03.2014 Westchester Magazine’s Wine & Food Week   Read More
05.04.2013 2nd Annual Wine on Wheels Fundraiser
04.23.2013 Orange Wine Festival Izola 2013
06.06.2013 Westchester Magazine’s Wine & Food Weekend
12.02.2012 Paramount Country Club : Corks & Forks
11.02.2012 Wine Tasting Event at Slovenian Museum and Archives, Cleveland, Ohio
10.23.2012 Partnership with Children invites you to “A Taste of the Good Life”
09.27.2012 Sept 27-28, 2012 : Slovenian Wines at Barysnikov Art Center Fall Gala.
09.24.2012 The Cookery presents “A Taste of Slovenia”, a fundraiser to benefit Autism Speaks

Westchester Wine & Food Weekend : 5,000 people attended this wonderful event, where 200 wines were introduced.  We poured 8 wines and 3 were chosen in the Top 50! Congratulations to Batic (Rosso Batic 2006),  Tilia (Pinot Noir 2008), and Kogl (Bello 2010)

Read More     See Pictures   Watch Video

04.24.2012 Slovenian Premium Wines is honored to be again invited to present a selection of Slovenian Wines at “Toast to the Children 2012” a prestigious fundraising event.
03.21.2012 “Slovenian Wine-Tasting Dinner” hosted by Consul general Melita Gabric and Chef Luka Jezersek with a special guest Eric Asimov – Chief Wine Critic of The New York Times
03.22.2012 The Best Wine Country You’ve Never Heard Of….Slovenia Thursday, March 22 2012 at 8.00 pm
02.27.2012 Tasting the Wines of Slovenia
02.11.2012 Slovene Wine Tasting

Wine on Wheels Fundraiser at LeDu’s Wines, 600 Washington St, NY NY on Saturday February 11 2012 from 1:00pm-4:00pm .  View Video

Tickets are $30 in advance and $40 at the door.  Cick here for more details

11.20.2011 Slovenian National Home – Indianapolis, IN  View Website
11.16.2011 A Whisper (and a Taste) of Slovenia at the New York Marriott Marquis, Broadway at 44th Street, Cantor/Jolson Room, 9th Floor. 7-9:30pm, Check In: 6:30 pm
11.13.2011 Javits Center North, Jacob Javits Conv Center in NY, Wine & Cheese Reception 3-5pm
11.05.2011 St. Martin Day wine tasting will be hosted by Slovenian Premium Wines
10.22.2011 Fall Furniture Market – High Point, NC SANTOMAS – wine tasting at the INTERCON Cafe – Space W-548

95th Anniversary of Slovenian Church of St. Cyril was celebrated with a Solemn Mass and Anniversary Cultural Program. The event was enhanced by wines of Slovenian Premium Wines.

08.03.2011 Las Vegas Venues Wine Tastings
07.09.2011 Bastille Day Event at Piermont – BATIC – Rose 2010 designated as a most favorite wine at the event!
05.10.2011 We are honored to have been selected by James Beard Award Nominee and Sommelier Paul Grieco of Hearth and Terroir, to participate at Children’s of Bellevue – 15th Annual “Toast to the Children 2011” Fund Raising Benefit – A Wine and Food Sampling – at Riverpark, NYC
3.12.2011 11th Annual Westchester Wine Experience. For the fourth year Aries is organizing all the wines for this fabulous food and wine event benefitting local Westchester food pantries.  Over 150 wines will be available for tasting and ordering through Aries at a 20% discount per case.  PLUS Aries will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Pleasantville Rotary.Advance tickets can be purchased at Aries or online.

Wines of Slovenia Free In-Store Wine Tasting at LeDu’s Wines, at

600 Washington Street NY, NY

02.19.2011 Wine Tasting at Sterling Cellars, Ltd.
02.12.2011 Slovenian Day of Culture 2011, by Slovenian Women’s Union of America
11.12.2010 Wine Tasting from Slovenia at The Culinary Institute of America
10.05.2010 Zagat Presents : Discover the Great Wines of Slovenia
06.18.2010 Taste Slovenia with Santomas wines – Embassy of Slovenia
06.15.2010 Santomas Winemaker’s Dinner – The Cornell Club, NYC
05.03.2010 Slovenian Wine Dinner at The Cookery
01.31.2010 Batic Winemaker’s Dinner – at X2O Xaviars on the Hudson

NY Athletic Club, Hosting The President of the Republic of Slovenia

Dr. Danilo Turk First Lady Mrs. Barbara Miklic Turk

05.08.2009 Slovenian Wine Dinner at Caffe Venezia
01.17.2009 Slovenian wines at CAV – San Francisco
01.15.2009 A Special Tasting of Slovenian Wines at Lavanda Restaurant
05.06.2009 The Wines of Santomas – Lavanda Restaurant
01.15.2009 The Wines of Slovenia – Lavanda Restaurant
12.8.2008 MAE Cafe, Vesna Carman “Pri Danilu” – NYC
06.04.2008 Experience Slovenia – Embassy of Slovenia, Washington, D.C.
05.30.2008 Taste of Slovenia – Millenium Broadway Hotel, NYC
06.19.2007 Celebration of Slovenia on the Hudson River
04.17.2007 A Night of Slovenian Food & Wine at ZUPPA, Yonkers, NY
02.07.2007 Introduction to Slovenian Wines by Consulate General of Slovenia
01.2007 Celebrating Wines of Slovenia, Mandarin Oriental, NY – ASIATE
12.06.2006 Slovenian St. Nicholas Day Celebration at James Beard Foundation
05.18.2006 Slovenian Wine Dinner at Monteverde
02.14.2006 James Beard House, NYC – featuring BATIC Valentino 2003, Valentine’s Day 2006
04.23.2004 Wall Strreet Journal – Weekend Journal – Unusual Stuff
10.2003 Mediterranean Regional Profile of Slovenia, Molyvos NYC
09.2003 A Celebration of Slovenia, The NY Athletic Club
01.23.2003 Alain Ducasse at Essex House
06.24.2002 Santomas & Tilia Wine Dinner – Molyvos, NYC
06.21.2002 Evening of Slovenian Wines, Stella del Mare, NYC
06.10.2002 Slovenia Food Festival – Delegates’ Dining Room at the UN
12.2000 Hidden Beauty by Athony Dias Blue, Decanter Magazine