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Batic -Vipava Valley, PRIMORJE REGION

logo-batik-225x156This family-run farm and vineyard in the small village of Sempas, in the western portion of southwestern Slovenia’s lush Vipava valley, is only 15 miles from the Italian border. The Batic farm dates back to 1592, and the family vineyards have been worked by several generations. The warm winds blowing off the Adriatic Sea make this area perfect for cultivating grapes and other produce. Highly prized land, this valley has been occupied and farmed since it was part of the ancient Roman Empire. The building where the Batic family lives and produces wines is itself over 400 years old and has been a witness to much of this history. The Batic farm and vineyard is known for organically grown fruits and grapes, and this is reflected the wines they produce, which are made with the same all-natural philosophy.

dot-map-batic-guerila-tilia1The vineyards are not fertilized nor are any chemicals used – the ground is seeded with grass and the vines are thickly planted. In their winemaking process they primarily use French medium toast oak barrels to create a unique character for their wines. Batic wines can be recognized by their unusual bottles, created specially for the winery by renowned Slovenian designer Oscar Kogoj. From the dedication to growing and harvesting their grapes to the meticulous care shown in making and presenting their wines, Batic has a well-deserved reputation in Slovenia for exceptional wines.

The Batic catalog includes a wide range of reds and whites. Fine white wines produced by Batic include Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon, as well as the local varietals Pinela and Rebula. Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and a blend called Rosso Batic. All Batic wines are aged in oak barrels. White wines are released after two years, reds after three.


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